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Senior FF E Interior Designer Hospitality

Senior FF&E Interior Designer | Hospitality    -    Posted: December 5, 2017
Job #: Senior FF&E Designer | Hospitality
Work Experience: 5 years
Salary: 75,000 - 100,000
Career Level: Senior
Status: Full-time
Education: Bachelors
Market Segment: Interior Design
Location: Las Vegas, NV
Job Short Description:
The Senior FF&E Designer for award winning hospitality firm. Opportunity to join a creative studio group.
Job Description:

* Collaborate with the Principal, Design Director, and Design Manager in the initial conceptual development of a projects theme, character, design vocabulary, character, and mood.

* Review and assess client space program and planning efforts, providing input and confirmation to client and project team regarding fundamental issues of interior planning and design at the onset of the project and at all milestone reviews and work sessions.

* Research creative resources, ideas, historical precedent, materials, furnishings, fixtures, and finishes in collaboration with the Design Director and Design Manager to ensure that the best possible creative solutions and innovations are continually researched, reviewed, and incorporated as needed.

* Prepare conceptual and milestone design presentations of all FF&E, color selections, and finish/material specifications for both internal and external review and approval.

* Establish and manage all project specification budgets, tracking reports, design and specification schedules, and resource data-banks for use throughout a project's duration.

* Working with the Design Manager and Client/Owner's representative, confirm and coordinate all client requirements relative to FF&E and finishes, and communicate all design guidelines to project team to ensure timely and accurate incorporation of client requirements.

* Prepare and manage the FF&E Specification process from concept through construction administration.

* Review and approve all specification documents prior to issuance among peer consultants as well as Client/Owner, verifying the accuracy of quantities, specification call-outs and conditions, approval by Principal, Director and/or Design Manager, adherence to client budget, and technical collaboration with architectural documents and schedules.

* Design all furniture and fixture plans, and provide fully illustrative and correctly scaled drawings on architectural backgrounds to Project Architects for incorporation into design document set. Label all fixture and furniture plans on drawings for Project Architect with FF&A specification numbers and furniture schedules.

* Provide all finish call-outs and specification information to Project Architect in the form of fully coordinated designations on all architectural backgrounds and material schedules, including finishes, hardware, fixtures, accessories, and artwork.

* Assist the Design Manager with the preparation of internal design and documentation schedules and deliverable guidelines to ensure that all contractual objectives are fulfilled on-time and on budget.

* Proactively plan all FF&E next-step deliverables throughout the design and coordination process and keep Design Manager apprised of such, through ongoing status and update dialogue.

* Assist the Design Manager with leading internal and external design and coordination work-sessions, record all information to be disseminated among design team.
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