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Our Process

Each search begins with a thorough needs assessment with the client to define not only the key selection criteria for candidates, but also the organization’s environment, culture and mission. A comprehensive job description is compiled including the intangibles needed for success in the position.

Armed with detailed parameters and our proprietary database, we perform targeted research to find those best qualified for the role. Using our extensive referral network, we speak to sources throughout the industry to indentify individuals who are relevant and qualified.

Each potential candidate is interviewed and assessed against the position specifications to determine their fit. A thorough review of their portfolio and project list is performed to determine if they match our search criteria. Next, our interview process digs deep into the performance milestones of each candidate. By understanding how a candidate achieved success and dealt with challenges in a position we are able to uncover how their core skills, personality and behaviors work in a professional environment.

We continue our qualification process by uncovering multiple examples of individual and team driven accomplishments and challenges to ultimately create a profile of a candidate’s ability to perform. Preliminary reference interviews are then conducted in order to confirm and enhance our understanding of the candidate’s track record. All this happens before we even present a candidate for our clients review.

Each qualified candidate’s background is now presented along with portfolio samples, if applicable, and the interview process with our client begins. When the perfect candidate is selected and an offer is extended, the search consultant will participate in any negotiations so that a mutually satisfying compensation package is agreed upon. It’s on the recruit’s first day of work that our real value as consultants begins to shine. We actively participate in getting feedback from both our clients and placements to help ensure a smooth transition.

We are known for our follow-up and investment in the long-term satisfaction of both our candidates and clients. Whether it’s a quick phone call or lengthy after- hours discussion of big picture strategy, we are invested in the individuals with partner with.